Draw Your Own Sony Playstation Game


You must be knowing about Microsoft’s XNA platform, where Microsoft encourages its GAMING/XBOX community to create their own games. Now, Sony has launched “Sketch and Scan”, a rather simple software that would let users DRAW (and “NOT CREATE”) their own Playstation game and that too in very simple manner.

Using “Sketch and Scan” (S&S), you may draw characters and objects on a piece of paper. Then, using the PS Eye peripheral, a webcam that connects to the PlayStation 3, you can scan those into the system and drop them in the game. So, here “S&S” won’t let you make your own game but, of course you can create the characters and surroundings in the game. Thereby, you can add your own essence to the game and that too in very simple yet Creative way.

Presently, there is just one demo game that uses it, a little clone of the classic Atari’s 1962 game ‘Combat,’ letting you draw your own tanks and drive them around.”Sketch and Scan” has not been released yet but one can expect it to to come soon. For that, watch this space.

[via: switched and TG Daily]

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