American McGee's Grimm Announced


American McGee, the man behind the highly twisted Alice game and the most painfully forgettable Bad Day LA is back with yet another twisted take on fairy tales with American McGee’s Grimm.

American McGee’s Grimm is a story-driven action-adventure game. The player interacts with a compelling collection of vividly drawn characters inhabiting a world built around twisted takes on the best-known tales in Western fiction. The game combines familiar exploration and questing conventions with a thematically inspired fighting mechanic based on the notion that \”words are weapons\”.

Players will experience the game in a sandbox world which contains missions assigned in episodic fashion. Game and narrative concepts equivalent to TV cliffhangers will be used to create game play and story interest to encourage players to keep up with new releases.

The game will be developed by Spicy Horse and will be released for the PC sometime in 2008.

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