Tomb Raider: Anniversary demo


Lara Croft is back with another adventure…sort of. In honor of the 10th anniversary of the ‘Tomb Raider’ adventure game, Eidos has created a retelling of the original story, with a new graphics engine for Lara and a few new moves to boot. Unlike in the original game, you can now control the camera, which is a major improvement.

The demo lets you play through part of the Lost Valley level in Peru. Lara looks better than ever, of course. When she steps out of the water, her body now glistens, and complex facial details like eyelashes almost create an “uncanny valley” affect, where Lara looks a little too human. The gameplay is naturally very similar to the original game, though there are a few new options for hanging and jumping from wall to wall.

You can play with either your keyboard and mouse or a gamepad, and the keys are easily customizable. While the new version of Lara’s adventure does add camera control, it’s not that easy to find. You’ll need to go into the Configuration options in the preferences to manually adjust your Y and Z axis controls. Also, the levels are often a bit lonely, as exciting enemies are few and far between. Nonetheless, it’s a very attractive reinterpretation of a classic adventure game that provides a reasonable amount of content in its demo.
Here’s a sneek peek to the game:

[Submitted by Reshadat]

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