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Halo 3 “Probably one of the best games” is going to get out this september. Ladies (if there are any as gamers) and Gentlemen, presenting HALO-3. Yes, the D-day has been marked and it is going to be September 25, 2007, when the game will be released worlwide. Sadly, this game is being called “LAST EPISODE” of great ALIEN vs HUMANS trilogy. Moreover, the master chief, hero of whole series is planning to move to Madam Tussad’s. Yes, such was the fame of this great game. Yes, we are going to miss you, HALO (until some other “kewl” game is released). But hey! don’t forget the D-day: September 25, the game will get on and the greatest battle of two worlds will take place. Her’s E3 preview video of HALO 3:


Indian gamers, if you thought that you were always left out, here is a good piece of news for you! Microsoft India has just sent word that gamers can pre-order Halo 3 Limited Edition.

[Submitted by Imran Asad]

Halo 3 Limited Edition Here is how you can pre-order the Halo 3 in India:

Gamers can book a copy of the game in advance through a simple booking procedure. The ” rel=”external”>] game’s Indian website features a list of retail stores where one can pre-order. The customer can visit any of the select retailers mentioned there and fill up the pre order form. The customer pays the complete amount of Rs. 2510/- to the retailer in advance. On September 25th, 07, he can go back to the same retail outlet along with the receipt of the order placed, and collect his copy of Halo 3 Limited Edition game along with a Halo 3 faceplate.

Microsoft India has also launched the “Go Singapore” contest, which runs until October 7, 2007. One lucky winner stands to win air-tickets to Singapore. As for the Halo 3 Limited Edition pre-order forms, they will be available only until September 21, 2007. It is a great thing that Indian gamers too can pre-order games like Halo 3. Let’s hope they also do something like this for other games that will release for the Xbox 360 in the future.

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