Intel unveils eight-core high-end, gaming platform


Intel Corp. unveiled its latest gaming and high-end computing platform, which includes two quad-core processors and graphic cards. The New platform is given the name Skulltrail, and includes a graphic chipset by ATI or nVidia. This one is primarily targeted towards Gamers, but some high end PC users like those working with 3d modeling will also be benefited by this. According to Intel:

“For the team creating world-class games here, time is one of our most valuable assets,” said Robert A. Duffy, programming director at game maker Id Software, in a statement. “Having eight powerful Intel cores in a single machine helps our team create and test our latest titles at record speed. We have seen one of our most time-consuming asset-generation processes cut from over four hours to under 20 minutes by utilizing all eight cores and threading the generation code.”


“This shows Intel taking the lead in developing and bringing to market cutting-edge PC designs,” said Dan Olds, an analyst at Gabriel Consulting Group Inc. “Before, they tended to aim more for the middle-ground mass market and, in doing so, left the high-performance side of the market to others. Now, with this new combination, they’ve elbowed aside everyone else to take the lead in the PC performance race.”

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