Live TV on mobile in India by the end of May


Live TV on mobile! No, this is not another value-added service spiel on the yet-to-arrive 3G mobile services. It’s about TV to be available on your handset, on existing mobile networks (that is, 2.5G) and as early as next month.

Cost containment for communications vendors and their carrier customers can be achieved on two fronts.

Bharti Telesoft, an arm of the Bharti Enterprise, is offering its proprietary technology to GSM mobile service providers and expects to have half-a-million subscribers watch TV on mobiles within six months of starting the service in May. It may not be the best way to watch a Bollywood flick or a 30-minute saas-bahu sitcom on a small two-inch LCD colour display. But great for news clips, weather forecasts, stock quotes and the like.

At the heart of this is a technology that compresses an audio file to four to five times smaller than MP3 (audio format) and delivers a video format up to 10 times more efficient than MPEG-4 (video format), claims Bharti Telesoft.

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