Valentine's Day Cellphone


Having tough luck for finding your love? Especially on Valentine’s day? We know its pathetic. You feel like one lousy, useless, emotion-less, cold and alone stud. You must be wishing, if only you had one magic crystal ball where you could see your and find out, “who is the one for you?”. Now you have two options for doing that:

First, go to some LaLa-Land. Find a Sadhu, Magician, Future teller etc. and start that “fruitless rummage”. We can’t assure any success with this (only an insane love-deficient person can do this.)

Second, Go to KTF, the Korean mobile operator, that have the technology to let you find your love. They claim their “Love Detector” service can analyze a cell phone conversation to determine which voice patterns indicate honesty, surprise, affection, and, thereby, love. The phone user receives a text message following a conversation with the evaluation. To take this even further, if two subscribers have a video conference call over their cell phones they can watch a “love meter” bar indicator on the screen of their handsets. The service costs about $1.59 per month.

On the end note, we will recommend you not to confine your love and affection for only a single day such as Valentine’s. yeah, absolutely.

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