Limewire Unleashes Limespot,A New Social Networking Site!


It seems that everybody is into social networking these days.Myspace,Facebook,Orkut and now Limespot, a social networking site made by the Gnutella P2P vendor Limewire. The site is still under development and doesn’t have that many features.
Go to, and you’ll get a better idea:

LimeSpot is a new up-and-coming community site, and we’ve got big plans. Plans to let you build your own ideal online site. Be a blogger, whip up a wiki, foster a forum — or all of the above. Pick and choose from our beautiful themes, or design your own.

If you join the site now, you’ll only be able to fill up your profile and invite friends, Blogging and any advanced features are not enabled yet! Limespot also has its own blog, according to which the Limewire music blog that started some time last year is actually powered by Limespot. According to a blog entry:

“Soon enough, the full features of Limespot shall be unleashed, and the power that’s been granted to the LimeWire music team shall be available to all.”


Source: p2p Blog

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