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Okay. Okay… Maybe we exaggerated our news punch line but in what sense? This site is not available in India. Yeah! in that sense, we just became overstated. But if you are in USA or Canada and have a thing for music and music videos, then this is going to be real treat for you.

The ad-supported online free music website SpiralFrog opened with more than 770,000 songs and 3,500 music videos in their kitty, from numerous independent labels and the most konown “Universal Music Group”, the largest of the top four record companies. The site has just made its long-awaited debut on Sunday evening, defying critics who said the struggling company would never get off the ground. Here’s how the whole story went:

When the company announced plans in August 2006 to offer ad-supported music which will be free of charge to users, many media pundits called it an iTunes killer. But in December, New York-based SpiralFrog suffered an executive blow, burned through most of its cash and has since acknowledged secured financial transactions, which are essentially loans, to fund operations. That might be one of the reasons, SpiralFrog is not available in other countries. In this regard, CNet quoted :

The company is banking on revenues generated from ad sales to help cure its financial ills, said founder Joe Mohen. The idea behind the company was to offer a legal alternative to illegal file sharing.

But will SpiralFrog overcome a handicapped music offering?

SpiralFrog’s music library was expected, by critics, to be constrained by a relatively small music library. A quick run through of the site on Sunday showed that SpiralFrog offered eight of the top 10 best-selling songs of the week, according to Billboard, depicting the fact that SpiralFrog is not going to relent easily. Moreover, Universal owns 25 percent of the global music market, so SpiralFrog is not without some firepower behind it.


Although, not available in India you can still submit your email address for getting arrival notification in your country. Moreover, the present registration is only open to SpiralFrog invitees only. So, the dicouraging fact is that you will have to wait for sometime but do not fret, just wait at technoNix. We’ll let you know everything about it.

Songs can be downloaded to any portable device that is compatible with Windows. Each user is allowed to transfer their music to two different devices.

Users are supposed to renew their monthly memberships every 30 days to continue hearing SpiralFrog’s music files, which is typical for subscriber services like Yahoo or Napster.

[Submitted by Imran Asad]

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