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google-chromeA year ago, everyone was surprised by Google’ s launch of its own browser and  with in short time  it was an instant hit. Now there is more stable version of chrome 3, which comes with quite a few additional features.

New Google Chrome3 stable version

New Google Chrome3 stable version

The addition of themes and the new start page come across as a surprise. These features were already available in the “unstable” beta builds of version 3 .  So, for those who were already using version 3, there is nothing much to say – except that there are the bug fixes and therefore, this one is actually a stable version.

Here is review of some features:

New Home/ Tab Page

Most impressive new feature of chrome is its homepage. They have tweaked the design of the homepage and now you can rearrange thumbnails of most-visited websites by simple clicking and dragging. Moreover, users can “pin” the thumbnails to where they are so that they are not replaced by others in due course. The homepage is more customizable now, with the user getting options to show and hide what he wants on the homepage. This insures better privacy if your chrome is used by many users.

Themes Support

New features of Google Chrome3: Great Themes

New features of Google Chrome3: Great Themes

Chrome now offers 29 themes and most of them are good Eyecandy. You will ahve download themes at Google Chrome’s theme page.

Omnibox is More Cool

You can give contextual icons so that you know beforehand if the term you’re looking for is a suggested site, a search result, or a bookmark.

Flashier came with Faster

Browse faster than before, quicker than previous chrome

Browse faster than before, quicker than previous chrome

They claim it to be zippier than before (previous stable version). You must have heard it already but go and try it yourself.

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