Grandaddy of Browsers is Gone!!!



Remember the days, when internet was such rare service and you get one fine recall of Netscape. The browser that brought us, what we today call “WEB”. Those were the fairytale days of netscape (father of technologies like javascript), until came Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (with its vbscript) and then there were Opera, Firefox ,Safari and loads of others. Each of them shattering the great Netscape’s dreams of market dominance.

According to a post on the Netscape Blog, support (and subsequent updates) for it will no longer be provided by AOL after February 1, 2008. Surely, there will be older versions but further real thing will not be updated anymore. The team behind netscape, suggests to move on to firefox, for which netscape-like themes and customozation will be provided.

A final bow to Netscape and, may it rests in peace.

[via Engadget and blogrunner]

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