Guest Post: Easily Search Rapidshare


By Denis

Rapidshare is probably the largest file hoster in the world. What most users find frustrating is that Rapidshare is not offering a way to search the vast archive of the website which means that everyone has to rely on other means of gaining access to it.

There are basically two methods to perform a Rapidshare Search. The first would be to use advanced Google parameters, especially the site: parameter to only search on Rapdishare.For example ,If you want to search all videos on rapidshare then search for “keyword +inurl:avi|mpg|wmv”

The second method is to rely on sites that host their own database of files that are available on Rapidshare. The advantage of the second method is that those databases are normally up to date and that dead links get removed quickly.

We all know that Google keeps stuff like that for a long time in their index which is why you do find lots of dead links when you use Google to search Rapidshare.

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