Wikia Search Engine Launched


World’s (well, arguably) first true Human-powered search engine has been launched. Since last year, Wikipedia man- Jimy Wales announced his latest experiment-a freely licensed, open-source search engine- going by the name, Wikia Search. Although there is a lot of much hype and excitemnet among internet enthusiasts, Jimmy Wales has clearly agreed that his search engine will take atleast two years to match the search quality of giants like google and yahoo. New York Time quotes him as follows:

We want to make it really clear that when people arrive and do searches, they should not expect to find a Google killer. Instead, people who use the Wikia search engine should understand that they are part of the early stages of a project to build a ‘Google-quality’ search engine.

About the Search Engine:

The search service will let users to rate the relevance of search results on the basis of Five-Star system. It also boasts of Social Networking among users making usability more relevant to users. On searching any site, you also get options for three indexes: Whitelist, Smaller test and Visvo. You can also discuss these results. Also, you are provided with mini article about search query from none other than, Wikipedia.

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