Buzz: Yahoo Will Spice up Favorite Content


Microsoft will buy Yahoo…. Microsoft will borrow money to buy Yahoo….. Yahoo says no to Microsoft offer… Yahoo is still on the verge to merge. Yes No Yes No Yes????? Whatever, be the case. All this mindless buzz does not stop Yahoo (more favorite than Google) to bring on their new service “Yahoo! Buzz“. A new service which will use consumers’ voting to uncover the most popular content from sites across the Internet and bring them to Yahoo’s homepage, one of the Web’s most trafficked destinations.

Yes, they have not done anything unusual but just combined Digg concept to their Homepage (yeah! I know you guys are smart enough to understand that for yourself but hey I am also supposed to do my job over here). Presently, Buzz offers following categories: Overall, Actors, Music, Sports, Previous, Movies, TV, Video Games.

Right now, this service is under trial and identifies consumer votes and search patterns to spot interesting stories and videos from large news sources as well as blogs. It said the top stories will be given primary editorial consideration for feature placement on Certainly, we have yet another example (others also include “open id” as well as partnership with many news media houses) of the Internet company’s move to open up the site to more third-party publishers and make it more socialized and relevant to its users.

The main aim behind this service is not ranking pages, but rather allowing users to contribute to Yahoo’s front page and better relate to it. According to statistics, (as qouted on efluxmedia) Yahoo has an audience of 90 million viewers monthly in the United States alone, which means plenty of Buzzes.

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