Microsoft May Borrow For Yahoo Deal; Yahoo Opts for Google Alliance


Microsoft Chief Financial Officer Chris Liddell broke the news at an annual analyst strategy meeting stating, “It’s likely we’re actually going to borrow for the first time.  It’s going to be a mixture of the cash we have on hand plus debt.”

Microsoft was tight lipped on whether it was already started buying Yahoo common stock to help seal the deal, and on what kind of debt exactly it will seek on the capital markets.  Microsoft Chief Executive Steve Ballmer spoke at the meeting, stating, “We trust the Yahoo board and the Yahoo shareholders will join with us quickly in deciding to move down an integrated path.”

Microsoft expressed that whatever hardship it faces it will stick to its guns and keep on its current path even if it leads to a bitter end.  Ballmer states, “We are on a path — we were on a path and we will stay on that path regardless.”
[Submitted by Shahab Khan]

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