Waveboard- A Google Wave App for iPhone 3.0+


So Google Wave is the next big thing by google. If you are lucky enough to get an invite for google wave, then you will like WaveBoard– a google wave client for MAC OSX and iPhone 3.0+ (including the latest iPhone 3.1.2).

iphone google wave waveboardExternal Links are shown on a separate integrated window. The client is itself very basic, but has some very cool features like “shake to reload or logout“.

It is not a free app. Costing $0.99, it is not much different than the standard Google Wave iPhone interface. If you are an avid google wave user, then I’d recommend that you wait for a more advanced application.

Download WaveBoard: Download through iTunes

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  1. julietwaugh says:

    Wave board is a new concept in technology world and i think it is very impressive and helpful for the users.The better thing about it is that it is supported by google so there may be a lot of function which will be very supportive while net surfing.

  2. Jon says:

    How do you get an invite for Google Wave?

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