Control your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch via an Android Device


Now this might start the evergreen Apple vs Android war… but lets face it. you can actually control an iDevice using your favorite android device, although the reverse is true as well. Both the iPhone and Android must be connected to internet (preferably same WiFi network) and iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch must be jailbroken for this to work. Find the guide below:

Android Vs Apple control apple iphone ipod ipad via android

  1. Open Cydia on your iDevice and search for veency

    install veency on iPhone

  2. Install Veency.
  3. On your iPhone, goto Settings> WiFi Network and note down your IP Address

    Finding IP address on iPhone

  4. Open your Android device and install android-vnc from market
  5. Open android-vnc and enter you iPhone address as shown in the screenshot below

    Andoid VNC on Android device

  6. Press connect. You’ll get a confirmation screen on your iPhone
    VNC connection on iPhone
  7. Voila. You can now control iPhone via your Android.
Let the war begin 🙂
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3 Responses

  1. Scrapbooking says:

    Cool. Thanks for the info. I will try it on my phone.

  2. Daniel Gartin says:

    Bad news,you need to jailbreak and i am on iOS 5.1

  3. ivan says:

    I can only do it when on same network. The moment I switch my android to 4g, couldn’t connect. How to solve this?

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