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 eco-compute ecocompute technoNixGadget lovers (like me and you), for sure, have extreme fetish for using the newest and coolest gadgets but can they really claim to use a gadget that is environmemnt-friendly and yet very effective? Most will answer in a big NO. Why? because it is tough to reconcile the huge carbon footprint of gadgets with the low carbon lifestyle of a eco-friendly gadget owner. But now there are many products coming to bring out the greener geek in you. These Gadgets bring in the functionality and rescue to the environment. I am waiting for greener iPhone, though.

List of Best Green-Gadgets:

6.Artificial Trees For Harvesting Solar and Wind Energy

Trees can now be used to generate clean electricity, thanks to SolarBotanic, a company specializing in mimicking nature. The artificial trees consist of Nanoleaves, which uses nanotechnology to capture solar energy in photovoltaic and thermovoltaic cells.

5. Solar Power(ed) Sunglasses

No these sunglasses do not need solar power for protecting your eyes but they can be used to power up your gadgets. The SIG, or “Self Energy Converting Sunglasses” is a concept design (like iBangle) having dye solar cells, which can be used to power small devices.

4. Timeless USB Watch

It’s a Timeless Watch by Design Brothers. This watch can get people to ask you where on earth you found it. It’s made from recycled computer parts. The strap is actually from a cable and USB connector.

3. The Recycle USB Stick

Aptly named, the Recycle is a USB stick made from recycled newspaper. It’s exterior is both a pro and a con – a good size and shape so that you don’t lose it and ugly enough that it won’t get stolen, but it might accidently get tossed in the trash. It can hold up to 16GB

2. Energizer Solar battery charger

Energizer Solar battery charger charges AA and AAA batteries using the sun’s energy. It’s the first time I’ve seen a major battery manufacturer releasing their own solar charger gadget.

1. Samsung Blue Earth Phone

Green iPhone may not be around the corner but Samsung have announced an eco-friendly mobile phone that has been made from a recycled plastic called PCM, which is recycled from plastic water bottles. The handset and phone charger are completely free of toxics.

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