Convert your iPhone and iPad into an Ukulele Musical Instrument with Futulele


We have seen some really cool cases and apps for iPad and iPhones, but this one beats them all..literally. People at Amidio are coming with an app/case which will transform iPhone and iPad into a Ukulele. While there are different musical instrument apps for iOS devices that can efficiently tune your electric violin and piano, Futulele combines your iPad and iPhone into a full-fledged Ukelele instrument.

Futulele works with either iPad alone, or with iPad and iPhone connected via bluetooth in a case provided by Amidio. Here is an excerpt from Amidio’s website:

It is not a secret that many iPad owners also have an iPhone, so Futulele is an excellent and innovative reason to get the best musical juices flowing out of both.  A special guitar-shaped case holds the two devices, making it possible to select the chord on the iPhone and strum along the iPad screen, just as on a regular instrument. Changing a chord requires only one tap, and the strumming technique is easy and convenient. No external wires or hardware accessories are needed, since the devices use Bluetooth for communicating.

The chord switch lag is kept at a minimum level, and as for the sound, Futulele successively captures every little nuance of a high-grade professional Ukulele instrument. Up to 12 chords can be used per song, and changing chord sets on the fly is a blast. Full recording and sharing possibilities come straight from Amidio’s top-ranked guitar app OMGuitar (, as well as the onboard FX section.

Futulele case and app would be available in early April, 2012. There is no word on pricing though.

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