Install Linux (Other OS feature) in PS3 via c4pt hack


Other OS was the feature available in first version of PS3 that allowed Linux to installed on the system. It was later removed by sony via firmware upgarde. c4pt announced that he is making fast progress with re-enabling Other OS feature on PS3 firmware v3.41. He managed to get Other OS installer to start but it still does not load any OS.
Linux on PS3 Other OS

According to c4pt:

no i am saying its 100% functional all i am showing is that otheros.self can be once again run now as a renamed EBOOT.BIN file in a game folder in the USRDIR of LAUN12345 just make a backup of the EBOOT.BIN file for the game via ftp and transfer the renamed otheros.self file (EBOOT.BIN) to the same folder then run the game from backup manager and select the game from xmb it will try and run otheros installer and otheros installer looks for an otheros.bld file from the usb stick in PS3 > OTHEROS > otheros.bld it installs then exits because the GameOS menu is still hidden with the current firmware (3.41) so we are waiting on now for a way to re enable the menu option from System Settings > Default OS > Game OS.

Stay tuned for more update on c4pt’s work.

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  1. healy says:

    Pretty much everything these days from ADSL routers to Apple iPods is capable of running Linux. Nice one:)

  2. The only problem I encountered with Linux is it’s kinda slow so it’s pretty hard for me to use it. Is there a way to know why is this happen? any relevant idea is much appreciated. Thanks.

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