Jailbreak PS3 3.15 firmware with Kakaroto’s PSFreedom


A coder named jevinskie ported PSFreedom payload to be compatible with PSGroove. It can be used to jailbreak PS3 on older 3.15 firmware.

PSFreedom PSGroove ported to 3.15 firmware jailbreak

You can find the git here.

Here is the info from psx-scene:

To use PSFreedom:
git clone http://github.com/jevinskie/psgroove.git psgroove
cd psgroove
git submodule init
git submodule update
nano Makefile

Edit the Makefile to match your device settings as well as target firmware and compile. Unlike Kakaroto’s PL3 git, with this one you do not need to edit the target firmware in PL3/config.h. So far, only 3.15 and 3.41 firmwares have been tested. please make sure to specify a supported firmware (you can find the supported firmwares in the config.h file in the PL3 folder).

Thanks to jevinskie for the port! You can find the git here.

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  1. Dylan says:

    I can confirm the ISO prlbeom on k5, above 3200 picture is broken (green bands)I confirm flashing green screen too.In any other aspect soft works great on seven x64 + k5 firmware 1.11thanks for that, and do not hesitate if you need testing.ps : an open-source version would be a great news for Pentax community Mgth

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