Little Microsoft Releases: Tinker and all…


Microsoft has silently released 3 updates for Windows Ultimate, today.

Microsoft Tinker, Ultimate Extra sounds from Microsoft Tinker and Windows DreamScene Content Pack #4 are all available on Windows Update now.

One of the extras, Microsoft Tinker is surprisingly lot of fun. Microsoft Tinker is a puzzle based game where players get a set amount of moves to move a robot around a puzzle and solve the level. If you are into puzzles this would definitely entertain you. Of course, the game is aimed at the casual gamer, but it’s got that sort of Solitaire/FreeCell feel to it that’s capable of whiling away hours.This little game “Tinker” reminds of — DOTA which runs in Blizzard’s Warcraft 3 where it is a techie character with technical skills.

The DreamScene content pack adds some new high definition videos for use on the desktop and the sound pack allows you to set your sound scheme to that of Microsoft Tinker. The overall quality seems to be obnly about average (more likely to heat up your CPU).

The other oddities, as pointed out by ZDNet blogs include:

>>The game seems to be 32-bit only. While it runs just fine on 64-bit, I’m surprised that there’s no dedicated 64-bit version.
>>There’s mention of a level editor, but so far I’ve not found it.

Microsoft Tinker Video:

Site: Microsoft Site

[via ZDNet blogs]

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