Microsoft Office 2008 is Macoffice2008!!!



In a consternation over Google’s growing online office suite, Microsoft has announced the latest version of its Office application for Macintosh users. Clearly, once Microsoft has been intimidated by Google.

Microsoft is facing stiff competition from Google’s free online office suite, and the software giant will be hoping that its latest version of Office will stop more from jumping ship.

Microsoft Office 2008 “standard” includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint and the “Entourage email” program.

The Home and Student Edition will be lighter with bit less features, and lack Exchange email server connectivity.

A better version, called Special Media Edition, includes a full version of Microsoft Expression Media for Mac to help users organise and archive digital media files.

The US versions have been priced at $US170 for Home and Student, $US460 for standard and $US570 for Media Edition. There is currently no price list for Australian customers. Nothong has been quoted for India.

Microsoft is promising customers who purchase the current version of Office between now and February 29, an upgrade to Office 2008 for $27.

[Submitted by Imran Asad]

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