Add 200+ Image formats in Windows Picture and Fax Viewer


Windows Picture and Fax Viewer is the native viewer in windows XP and windows 2003. It can display all the image formats based on GDI+. Although its pretty much basic, it is very fast and useful for day-to-day usage.

Having said that, Windows Picture and Fax Viewer is supports less formats than most of the other image viewers available. However, ImageXtender can teach your Windows XP image viewer to diplay more than 200 image formats. It is very easy to use – after installation, just open the software, check all the file types that you want to register with Windows XP image viewer and click OK. It has variety of formats like *.msp, *.gem. together with really rare ones, such as *.cals and *.dpx.

TIP: You’ll also be able to see thumbnails and preview of all the extensions registered with image viewer using ImageXtender. This makes it a very nice and convenient addon.

The current version only supports windows XP and does not support Vista or windows 7. Both of new OS have new image viewers, which are completely rewritten with support for large and high bit depth HDR images.

[Download ImageXtender]

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