Symtorrent: Torrent client for Symbian Phones


With the growing popularity of torrents, many new tools like Bitlet for downloading torrent off the web directly and some Java based torrent clients like Vuze (formely Azureus) emerged. With huge memory now available in mobile phones, it make sense to download torrents on mobiles.

symtorrent download torrent on mobile phone

Introducing Symtorrent, the first and only torrent client for symbian OS. It has (almost) all the features of a desktop torrent client. It supports downloading multiple torrents at the same time, and can download or upload torrents with resume support. Torrents can be launched from browser, thus making it a complete torrent client.

Currently, Symtorrent can be used on Symbian S60 Platform 3rd and 5th edition. This includes many Nokia and some Sony Ericsson phones too. Above all,its free and open source software.

Happy torrenting!


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