Automatically install graphic drivers in Ubuntu and Debian


Install Drivers automatically in Ubuntu Linux

Finding the proper drivers is a difficult task, especially for Linux. While there are plenty of softwares that can automatically install drivers in Windows, same is not the case with Linux. However, there is a software named EnvyNG that can install graphic drivers automatically. Currently it is available only for Ubuntu and Debian with support for only Nvidia and Ati graphic cards.

EnvyNG install driver Linux

This awesome tool is available in Ubuntu Repositories, Just search and install. The software is pretty easy to use and has two modes- automatic and manual. In automatic mode, the software will search for appropriate drivers, download and then install it on your system. Manual mode lets you install the driver manually, if you wish to do it yourself.

There is one catch though, before upgrading your linux distro, you’ll have to uninstall the driver using “Uninstall” option in EnvyNG. Other than this, the application works as expected.


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