All things about Windows 7.0: New, Old and Bad!


Windows 7, which we reported to be released in 2010, is again in news for new reasons. It’s being reported that it will be forgoing built-in e-mail, movie making, and photo editing apps in the upcoming release. Now that’s bad. But here’s new:


An early build of Windows 7 may contain some or all of the following:

– A fancier calculator.

– The Office 2007 Ribbon thing may cross over into WordPad and MS Paint.

– Potentially less annoying User Access Control.

– My Documents will be called Libraries? Come on Microsoft, there’s no need to rename that stuff all the time.

– Control Panel will have System Tray settings.

– There will be a lightweight version of Windows Media Player for playing videos.

– Internet Explorer 8

– Multitouch interface to Windows 7

Atleast that\’s what technologizer reports. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer says it will come in late 2009. But Microsoft’s older records about time and launch periods, one should stil expect it be launched in early 2010.


Microsoft has decided that Windows 7 will be stripped of built-in programs for e-mail, photo editing, and movie making.

The software maker included Windows Photo Gallery, Windows Mail, and Windows Movie Maker as part of Vista, but later chose to offer separate downloadable Windows Live programs that essentially replaced those components with versions that could connect to online services from Microsoft and others.

Microsoft looks to be shifted the focus away from these desktop apps to the cloud computing solutions its been pushing in a big way with its Windows Live apps–the latest of which have just recently been rolled out. The software will be a full OS release, and will come in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

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