Google's "In Quotes": Compare statements from Obama, McCain and Others


Google’s trying a new handy tool called “In Quotes“. The “In Quotes” application allows you to find quotes from stories linked to from Google News.

These quotations make you understand where ‘people in the news stand’ on various issues. Much of the published reporting about people is based on the interpretation of a journalist. Direct quotes, on the other hand, are concrete units of information that describe how newsmakers represent themselves. Google News compiles these quotations from online news stories and sorts them into browsable groups based on who is being quoted.

Compare Quotes allows you to compare quotes from different people in the News about a particular topic. The feature currently allows you to choose and compare quotes from political candidates and other political figures.It’s fun to play with and watch the quotes cycle through when you click “spin,” but the selection of quotes seem to be somewhat random, so it’s sometimes hard to tell if each candidates comments are referring to the same event.

To change the country edition you’re working with, please select a different edition from the upper right pull down menu.

Still, it’s an interesting way to create your own sort of mini-debate between the candidates.

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