Disk Encryption Software: Dekart's Private Disk


Protecting sensitive information is becoming more and more important these days. Dekart’s Private Disk, a disk encryption software, can protect data from prying eyes. It protects data using AES 256-bit encryption and has unique features like Disk Firewall.

Disk Firewall is an innovative concept which provides application level access control. Users can create a whitelist of trusted applications which can access protected data. This feature also protects information from unwanted Trojans and Viruses, even if the Antivirus software fails to detect it!

256 bit algorithms are used for encryption and SHA 512 algorithms are used to generate keys. This means the data is virtually hack-proof. Private Disk can run directly from portable media like USB flash drives, external hard disks, flash memory cards, DVDs, iPod etc allowing access by authorized users even when using a different PC.

Some of the good features of Private Disk are:

  • Strong encryption algorithms
  • Easy to use. No complex configuration needed.
  • Flexible. Can run directly from various portable devices.
  • Innovative features like Disk Firewall, which protects data from unwanted applications and even from viruses.
  • Can run on windows ranging from old rusty Windows 95 to new and shiny Vista.
  • Very small footprint. Uses approximately 1 MB of RAM

Overall , it is one of the best software in its niche. Priced at a minimal 65$, this software is worth a try for those who want maximum security and peace of mind.

Visit: Dekart’s Private Disk

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