3 Free and Stunning DreamBoard Themes for iOS 5.1


Lets admit it, Theming your iPhone is way difficult than Android Phones, where changing “launchers” will change the look and feel of the phone. However, when you are jailbroken, it is a different story altogether. Dreamboard is a very popular theming application for iPhone, which offers more customization than Winterboard and does much more than changing the icons and wallpapers of the iPhone. Best part is, Dreamboard is free and is available on modmyi repo. Search for “Dreamboard” on Cydia and install it. Then install some of the best free dreamboard themes  listed below:

  1. OS7

     This theme is a replica of Windows phone 7 OS. However, this is not just a cheap knockoff, it offers customized homepage and you can pin or unpin homepage icons. The icons change as they does in windows 7 phone. To install this theme, search for OS7 in Cydia and install it. Then switch the theme in dreamboard.
  2. Ubuntu HD

    This themes tries to replicate Ubuntu OS and does it quite successfully. Fully HD and designed for retina display devices, this sure looks stunning. Check the Screenshots to see it yourself. To install this theme, search for “Ubuntu HD” and install it. Then switch the theme in dreamboard.
  3. iSimple

    The themes is amazingly simple, and looks aesthetically appealing. Has “app drawer” like android. To install it, search for iSimple in Cydia and install it. Then switch the theme in dreamboard.

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