Unlock and Jailbreak iPhone 2G, 3G, 3GS, iPod Touch 1G and 2G using PwnageTool 3.1.5 on Mac OSX


iPhone dev team released an updated version of PwnageTool which can be used to jailbreak and unlock iPhone 2G, 3G, 3GS, iPod Touch 1G and 2G. As always, here is a step by step guide for it:

Device Supported: iPhone 2G, 3G, 3GS with old bootrom only, iPod Touch 1G and iPod Touch 2G with old bootrom only. If you use the blacksn0w unlock (at baseband 05.11.07), you need to stay at 3.1.2.

Guide to jailbreak and unlock iPhone 3.1.3 using PwnageTool 3.1.5

  1. Download and install latest version of iTunes
  2. Download PwnageTool 3.1.5 using the official torrent link: Torrent Link
  3. Download 3.1.3 firmware using direct download links listed here
  4. Start PwnageTool and select your device
  5. It’ll ask you for the downloaded 3.1.3 firmware file. Browse for it an click next. image
  6. Click “No” when asked if you have a iPhone contract. If you click yes, the baseband will be updated to  05.11.07 thus making it impossible to unlock .image
  7. PwnageTool will create a custom ipsw file for your device. “iHaz Success” screen will confirm that the operation completed normally. image
  8. Follow the steps shown in this screen to put your iPhone in DFU mode. You can retry if you fail on first time. image
  9. Open up your iTunes and click on your phone from left sidebar. Press left alt/option key and click on restore. iTunes will ask you for ipsw file. Browse for the custom ipsw you created in step 7 and not the original ipsw file
  10. iTunes will upload the custom firmware to your device. It takes some time.After the installation is complete,iPhone will restart and you’ll have fully jailbroken iPhone.Additional steps for iPhone 3G and 3GS
  11. For iPhone 3G and 3GS, connect to your Wifi network and open cydia. Touch “Manage” and then touch “Sources”
  12. Touch “Edit” and then “Add”. Enter “http://repo666.ultrasn0w.com” and touch “Add Source”. Cydia will now update the its database.
  13. Now search “ultrasn0w” on cydia and install it.
  14. Now restart your iPhone. Voila! You now have a fully unlocked and jailbreaked iPhone 3G/3GS on firmware 3.1.3.

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