VirtualBox: Best Virtualization Software


Using two or more Operating systems on a single machine have never been easy, especially for novice users. The solution is to use VirtualBox, an Open Source virtualization software. In simple terms, it can be used to run many operating system at once, depending on what hardware resources are available.

VirtualBox is cross-platform which means it supports Windows, Mac OS x and various Linux distros as hosts while maintaining a huge list of supported guest OSes. It has consistent look and feel in all the operating systems, making it quite easy to implement on different operating systems.It is Open Source and thus can easily be modified by developers. Best of all, its light weight and light on system resources.

Five reasons why VirtualBox is better than VMware.

1) File Size: VirtualBox installation is a little over 30MB whereas VMware is well above 100MB. SEven our dial-up readers can enjoy the advantages of Virtualization.

2) Installation and Configuration: Installation was a snap. All the configuration is done through wizards making it extremeley simple to use.

3) Speed Boost: VirtualBox apprently runs faster than VMware. Booting time in VirtualBox was 50secs compared to 1min 43secs on VMware.

4) Remote File Sharing: File sharing is fairly simple – Just point the file path to the directory and that you want to share.

5) Integration with Host OS: ‘Seamless mode’ in VirtualBox allows integration of the guest OS with the host OS. With this mode on, applications of the guest OS can be accessed right from the host’s desktop.

Overall, VirtualBox seems to be the best solution for virtualization because of its speed and simplicity..Whats your say? Tell us in comments.

Download: VirtualBox

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