SanDisk Brings DRM-free SlotMusic Format


Music publishers Retail promoting to Offer “slotMusic”: High Quality, DRM-Free MP3 Music on microSD Cards. Possibly a push to improve sales of physical media. 

Despite, heavy outbreak of digital content, the music industry has still not found their preferred way of distributing their content (aside from iTunes anyways) and of course, they are various other things for that. SanDisk has announce a new format called slotMusic, which has found its patrons in the big four (EMI, Warner Music, Universal Music Group and Sony BMG) of the music industry. The basic idea is more or less bundling DRM-free music on memory cards. This move, by the music industry, is an attempt to try unrestricted music files on microSD memory cards to improve sales of physical media. Each unit will contain an album, plus extras on a memory card that can be played on mobile phones, PCs and some portable MP3 players. The music on slotMusic comes without copyright protection, so it can be used on almost all computers, mobile phones and music players — but it won’t play on an iPod, which doesn’t have a micro-SD memory slot. It has one gigabyte of memory, and the music tracks are played back at high quality.

Also most computers also don’t have microSD slots; according to EMI’s press release, there will be a “tiny USB sleeve” packaged with each card, and the “high quality” format means up to 320kbps MP3. From the given description, it seems like it would be no harder to transfer the tracks to an iPod (via a computer) than to most other players.

Seems like labels have finally recognized that providing features and convenience to customers is preferable to suing them.SlotMusic is scheduled to be introduced in mid-October at retail outlets including Wal-Mart and Best Buy, so we won’t have to wait too long to see how this works out for the music industry and SanDisk.

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