Microsoft to Digg, Google's Out


Software giant, Microsoft, is hitting on the online advertising space — big time…

According to reports, the company has tied-up both- with popular news site,, and with game developer, Electronic arts (EA); for selling adverts online.

However what is interesting is in case of the Digg deal, Microsoft has managed to replace previous online advertising partner, Google.

Under the Microsoft-Digg deal, for a period of three years, Microsoft will remain exclusive provider of display advertising and contextual ads that are ultimately determined by the site’s content.

Just last year, Redmond had struck a similar deal with Facebook, a social networking Web site.

According to Steve Berkowitz, a senior vice president in Microsoft’s online services group, the company is working on technology and design ideas for getting users engaged with the advertising, and making them a part of it.

Reportedly, Digg gets over 17 million visitors each month, with placement of content largely dependent on user votes or ‘digs’ as they are popularly called.

A second deal with EA makes Microsoft exclusive provider of advertisements in 5 upcoming EA games including Madden, NFL 08, and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 (Xbox 360 and Windows PC).
[Submitted by Imran Asad]

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