How to Root iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S


  • How to Root iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S

Android users may be well aware of the term “rooting”. But for iPhone and iPad users, this term is unheard of. The term “rooting iPhone 4” or “rooting iPhone 4S” means to gain full read and write access to iPhone’s filesystem. Normally, there is always some part of filesystem (typically Operating system realted) secured area which cannot be accessed or modified by any software. “Rooting” enables you to bypass that restriction.

Root iPhone 4 iPhone 4S

Rooting iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S is same as Jailbreaking your iPhone. If you want to Root your iPhone 4 or 4S, you need to jailbreak it. For jailbreaking your iPhone 4, you can use Absinthe software to jailbreak your iPhone.

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