Yahoo Meme- A new Microblogging service by Yahoo (Free Invites)


Yahoo is once again trying to get into the social networking market with Yahoo meme, a new twitter(or tumblr) like microblogging platform. Previously services like Yahoo 360 or Yahoo Mash have failed miserably to attract crowd’s attention.

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Yahoo meme is more like tumblr than twitter. You can post text, images, videos and music. Only YouTube and Vimeo Videos can be embedded. The mp3 files cannot be uploaded but can only be hotlinked from other servers.

Yahoo Meme Invites

We have decided to give several yahoo meme invites to our readers. To get the invite, enter a comment below with your email and we’ll send you the invite.

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  1. brygom says:

    Hello! I am interested to try this service, you appreciate a lot if you send me an invitation.

  2. Name says:

    Hello Reshadat ,

    Can You send me Invites


  3. Jens says:

    Hi 🙂

    Can You send me one Invite to kws (at) gmx (dot) org ?


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