HOWTO: Grow Plants using Your PC


Sitting at your computer and reading all the madness? want to do outdoors but net addiction doesn’t allow. right?

Here’s a way to add a little eco friendly environment with your desktop. This USB mini greenhouse helps you easily grow a little garden with the help of your computer. Plug it into your PC and this USB powered greenhouse helps you grow plants at your desk.

The egg-shaped device from DreamCheeky holds artificial soil, seeds and water, then helps your budding garden grow by feeding it with a USB-powered grow-light. The kit comes with everything you need to get started, including some marigold seeds. It even ships with software that lets you monitor the growth rate of your plantings. It also has Adjustable Growth Light Computer interface monitors growth rate, and includes calendar, wallpaper and bookmark settings

Now, who needs a green thumb when you have an electronic watering reminder?

Current price at $14.99

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