Weird Tech News-2: How to Sell Computer-Geeks to Girls??



Well, being geek can be tough. After hours of reading, experimenting, innovating (or may be copying), learning, blabbering and jabbering, you realize you are the best but you are alone with no one to spurt up your spirits (oh yeah! you think,”who cares?”, ask us or try writing PHP scripts or working on CSS like we do). But the Linux User Group at Washington State University seems to find the solution for this demovativating upshot.

This is actually university’s new (interesting, they call it) way to recruit more women in to its computer science program — by pimping out the male students. The Linux Users Group, the university’s largest computer club, will be auctioning off its geeks to girls who can use them to either fix their computers or help them with homework(oh yeah! now suddenly you must have become geek… you @#$%!^&*). But this is not it, before selling themselves the LinGeeks want a sorority to give them makeovers. jezebel quoted club’s president Ben Ford:

The problem is that we’re all still nerds. If anyone’s going to bid on us, we’ll need some spicing up. And who better to help with that than sorority girls who like nothing better than a makeover?

The weirdness and madness doesn’t end in here. This whole program has caught national attention in USA and this set of LinGeeks are still to find girl-participants (we don’t think any babe might be that begone). Ben was pretty enthusuatic about it and said :

We’ll choose a handful of brave nerds to take one for the team. The girls get to have their way with them and we’ll document each makeover. We’ll make a snazzy video and show it over dinner. After the dinner, we’ll auction off the now studly nerds.


Well, we can only say: ONLY IN AMERICA. Hey you non-paying admin, book my tickets for washington. I need to find my sorority.

[Submitted by Imran Asad]

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