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Justine Ezarik’s iPhone Experience

Justine Ezarik paid $7 as shipping and handling charges for her first iPhone bill, which was 300 pages long and came packed in a cardboard box. Weird enough… huh? but wait there’s more to this story. The bill was $274.81 (about Rs. 11,500), sent by phone company AT&T. Now, here are answers to some questions that were asked by our star reporter Imran Asad ( oh yeah! that’s me…he he) to technoNix sherlock Holmes (tSH):

Imran Asad: Alright, we understand that she must be too talkative because of cost of bill but 300 pages long bill? how??

tSH: NO, watson… ahem… Sorry… I mean “Asad”. She is not talkative. She is just too much into messaging. Ms. Ezarik sent sent 15,00 messages in one month from her eefone…

Imran Asad: sorry to interrupt detective but that’s I-PHONE.

tSH: Asad… you fool. You cannot be a phone. It was Ms. Ezarik’s phone.

Imran Asad: no detective I mean the phone’s name. It is called “iPhone”.

tSH: oh! My apologies. So you see Ms. Ezarik didn’t eat, didn’t sleep, didn’t play piano and didn’t even went to bathroom. All she did was type, type, type, type, and type , and type, and type. In fact, I am thinking that I should hire her as typist for my office.

Imran Asad: Never mind Detective but are you kidding us?

tSH: No, I am serious. I am seriously considering her for that post of typist.

Imran Asad: No detective. I don’t mean that . She is already a graphic designer and video bloger for herself. I mean that she really didn’t do anything other than typing? Are you kidding on that?

tSH: Regarding piano and bathroom, I am. Those are pure speculations. But I don’t think that anybody can type 1500 messages with all that.

Imran Asad: So how did she…?

tSH: managed bathroom?

Imran Asad: No. No. How did she played piano?

tSH: I don’t know. I got this news just like you, on the net.

Imran Asad: Ahem… Why did Justin Ezarik typed so many messages?

tSH: because, as Dr.Watson says, she was using eefo… sorry.. “I-PHONE”. Don’t you get it? It is a fabulous piece of machine and she just had to use it.

Imran Asad: Are you Serious?

tSH: I am speculating here, to be honest because ever since these apple guys have given this “eefone” or whatever it is called, watson’s always hooked to it.

Imran Asad: We have our humble sympathies with you detective. But in this age of paperless communication Why didn’t AT&T just tell her to pay up $ 274? I have the rest of answers. Thank you detective, anyway.

AT&T has a policy, that all data tranferred should be reflected in customer’s bill. So, now you know the exact situation. For us, it feels great to see such a red-tapism outside India. But one question you really wanna ask might be,


Nothing much. Infact we’ll leave it to you to decide. We can only say that may be you should not buy iPhone. It might get you hooked to text messaging. This might lead to thwarted bank balance, breakup with girl friend, tampered fingers (Justine had to have her fingers amputaed after all this).


YES, WE ARE. Sorry but We, ourselves, got weirder after covering weird tech news stories.

Here we leave you with a video of Justine, telling her experience. If you had some weird tech experience of your own then leave a comment or join our forums to discuss it.

[Submitted by Imran Asad]

justine’s interview:

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