Novell's Linux on Lenovo


Lenovo announced on Monday that it would offer a wide selection of low- to high-end machines loaded with Linux software from Novell.

This announcement was made at the start of LinuxWorld, an annual conference for IT managers being held in San Francisco.

This is the first time Lenovo has provided support for both the hardware and the operating system, an extension of its current support, providing a Help Center for the SUSE operating system.

[Submitted by Imran Asad]

“Demand for Linux PCs has been on the rise this year, particularly in the education sector, government and emerging markets,” said Raj Aggarwal, product manager for Lenovo’s ThinkPad laptops.

“Known for hardware and software based innovations like our roll cage and ThinkVantage Technologies, we continue our tradition of building the industry’s best engineered PCs and delivering excellent customer solutions, such as SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 from Novell,” said Sam Dusi, vice president of product marketing for the Notebook Business Unit at Lenovo.

Lenovo’s move follows Dell’s decision in May to start mass marketing three PC models loaded with the Ubuntu version of Linux, allowing customers to choose it over Windows.

The Linux operating system, which competes with Microsoft’s Microsoft CorpMSFT
market-dominating Windows, has been one of the fastest-growing types of software used on servers and other types of powerful business computers over the past decade.

Some analysts say it’ll be years before desktop Linux can seriously threaten Windows, because Windows still sits on more than 90 percent of PCs in the world now.

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