iBangle: A New iPod on Wrist


iPods and other mp3 players have always been the same in terms of look and feel. The memory sure gets better every time, but they remain clip-them-on-the-belt-with-wired-earplug type.

Introducing iBangle, a new design concept by Gopinath Prasana. The player will fit on your wrist and music will be transmitted using wireless earbuds. It looks like it would be a next generation iPod shuffle as it lacks a screen to keep you entertained with movies. Navigation would be done through a multi touch track pad. Its a pity that such designs are a mere concept. Hey Apple, this can be the next big thing for iPod. So bang your heads and start making this cool gadget.

4 Responses

  1. K33zyb00 says:

    omg……i want that all ready someone has to let me know when it comes out

  2. Mademoisellesparklette says:

    where can I get one?! I want one now!!!

  3. shellbell3000 says:

    i want one!

  4. Mogyrose says:

    That’s so awesome! Even better than the touch in my opinion.

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