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3D Printing comes to desktop, thanks to Alaris30 3D Printers

3d objects printer

The Alaris30™ Desktop 3-D Printer is a new product that brings 3D printing to desktops.Launched today, this printer is a product of Objet Geometries. Based on Objet’s proven PolyJet™ Photopolymer Jetting Technology, the Alaris30 creates life-like models with great accuracy. Each object is build using very thin layes (about 28 microns thick) which builds up the complete model.It uses VeroWhite™ FullCare830 Material which is available in 1Kg cartridges.

It can creat smooth surfaces, moving elements, fine details, complex geometries and other details that were not possible with any other 3D printer before.We got a chance for a hand-on with the Press kit of the printer, which included a prototype of a toy car. First impression of the model was really impressive. It was smooth, hard and very well finished. It had gears, shafts and wheels that actually moves! Below are some of the screenshots:

3d object car
3-d object print

Alaris30 Advantage

Alaris30 Printer prints in exceptional detail due to its extremely thin drop size, very thin layers and a high resolution of 600×600 dpi. Due to this, it can be used in variety of applications which require high precision and accuracy.

  • It is small and lightweight and can easily fits on an office desk.
  • It features a 300x200x150mm tray size which enables printing of big parts.
  • Four Cartridge Loading can deliver upto 36 hours of unattended printing.
  • And yes, It has network support which means it can be used over a LAN or WAN, Great for Offices and small scale industries.
  • Ease of use- It can turn any 3D CAD file into a 3D model. Bundeled software, Objet Studio, makes it a matter of few mouse clicks.

Alaris30 Usage

It can be used to create models and prototypes of models of toys, shoes, cars, spare parts etc. Being a desktop printer, it can be used in homes and Offices to create models of their products and for testing design level flaws.The printed objects can be painted which makes it ideal for internal and external marketing presentations. Now I wonder if it can create a model of my face, or maybe, a complete prototype of me. 🙂

About PolyJetâ„¢ Technology

Objet’s PolyJet Technology works by jetting photopolymer layers into thin layers (28 Microns) onto a tray, and building them layer by layer. The Obejct is then treated with UV rays, which hardens the material and makes it ready for immediate use.

About Objet Geometries

The company was founded in 1998 and has more than 50 patents on the technology. Objet’s System are in use by world leaders in many industries, such as automotive, electronics, toy, consumer goods and footwear industries in North America, Australia,Europe and Asia.Other product of Objet Geometries are Connex500â„¢ printers, Eden Printing Systems and FullCare Materials.

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