Backup Activation Records using Redns0w (Redsnow) 0.9.10b8


With the new loktar_sun trick to unlock iPhone 4 using Subsciber Artificial Module (SAM), it is now possible to trick Apple servers to activate non-official sim on locked iPhones. As pointed by @Musclenerd, the loophole maybe temporary and it is best to backup activation records once the iPhone is unlocked. Redns0w (Redsnow) 0.9.10b8 has been released by dev-team to do just that, backup activation tickets after iPhone is unlocked.

Backup Activation records using redsn0w 0.9.10b8

Here is a step by step guide to backup activation records using redsn0w (redsnow) 0.9.10.b8:

  1. Download redsn0w (redsnow) 0.9.10b8 : Download for Windows or Download for Mac
  2. Open redsn0w, goto Extras > Even More > Backupsave-activation-ticket
  3. Thats it. Redsn0w will save your Activation records to make your unlock future proof.

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