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Having a good car charger can help you keep your phones and tablets charged up and ready no matter where you go. This is even more useful when the charger is smart and keep track of your vehicle anywhere you go . Zus Smart Car Charger, by nonda, claims to do just that. Priced at $49, Zus can charge your devices twice as fast, can track the location of your parked car, and set up parking time alerts.

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Zus helps you find your car using its companion app connected via Bluetooth. When you turn your car off, Zus will inform the app with latest GPS location, so if you forget where you parked the car, Zus will direct you right back to it. The app features a compass like direction system and also has a map interface where you can get exact directions to the car. However, if you have parked your car in underground parking, or locations where GPS is not reliable, the app will ask you to click a picture of the car location that may assist you in finding the lost vehicle in large parking lots. You can also set parking time alerts to avoid paying huge sum of parking fee.

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Zus is made confirming to “MIL-STD-810G High Temperature Standard” and can withstand temperatures upto 100 degree C, not that we actually need it. In addition to the robust design, Zus can charge two devices with upto 4.8A, which means it is almost twice as fast as conventional chargers. Keep in mind that you might need a new cable for your device to actually draw more than 1.5-2A of current.

The device looks premium, well built and rock solid performance for charging. The app, though, can pack up few more features like battery charging statistics (show current drawn, battery temperature etc) and trips done (using GPS). Other than that, Zus Smart charger is definitely a must buy.

Here is a TL;DR version for those who did not read the whole article:


  1. Fast charger supporting upto 4.8A of current
  2. Ability to locate car in large parking lots
  3. Awesome built quality, looks premium
  4. Soft ambient light is a plus


  1. Expensive
  2. Requires Bluetooth/location to be on at all times on mobile/tablet
  3. Does not work in underground parking

Buy it now: http://www.nonda.co/products/nonda-zus-smart-car-charger

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3 Responses

  1. Marty says:

    So that’s a wireless charger. Great gadget and looks very useful for quick charging when you are rushing down to the office in the morning.

  2. Marty Rogers says:

    Seems to be a lovely device to have for my Android application. Good one for traveling and never drain out of battery.

  3. ajeet yadav says:

    just for car charger paying $49 is expensive but along with charger they are giving so much features so maybe it would beneficial while parking the car.

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