04.11.08 Unlock Update: No Update


iPhone 4 with baseband 04.11.08 and above has no software or hardware based unlock. There were New Gevey Sim and R-Sim but they utilized the same loophole as SAM unlock for iPhone 4 and 4S. The loophole was quickly fixed by Apple. Only people who have backed up their activation tickets would be able to unlock now.

04.11.08 unlock

Companies like Applenberry and R sim does not have any updates on 04.11.08 unlock. Even oftware based unlocks like ultrasn0w are not updated with new baseband supports. The only way to unlock 04.11.08 baseband is to request remote IMEI unlock via AT&T. AT&T now unlocks legally off-contract iPhones. Other then that, there is really no hope for 04.11.08 unlock right now. technoNix.com would be updated as soon as a solutionfor 04.11.08 unlock is available

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