Jailbreak iPhone 4 Verizon CDMA (iOS 4.2.6) Untethered for all iOS devices using Greenpois0n (Greenpoison) RC5-B2


The new iPhone 4 CDMA (iOS 4.2.6) by Verizon is vulnerable to limera1n exploit and can be jailbroken untethered using Greenpois0n RC5-B4.   The instructions are same as before:iphone 4 cdma verizon ios 4.2.6 jailbreak greenpois0n

Here is the step by step guide:

  1. Download Greenpois0n: Download for Mac and Windows
  2. Open GreenPois0n and click on jailbreak buttongreenpois0n for mac ios 4.2.1 untethered
  3. Follow the onscreen instructions to put your iDevice in DFU mode. Once it is complete, Greenpois0n will start jailbreaking your device.
    Note: You’ll get some errors initially but it should continue in a few seconds. If not, then start the whole process again.
  4. Your iDevice should be jailbroken. There should be a “loader” icon on your homescreen. Open it and install cydia.

Thats it. Enjoy the untethered jailbroken iPhone running iOS 4.2.6. 🙂

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