5 Great Ways To Visually Track Your Facebook Friend Network


Facebook is one of the most complex social networks, which can give some really cool ways to see your connection through visual representation between its users. These visualizations can make you awestruck. Many visualizations, listed here, come with tools that you can use to create beautiful Facebook visualizations of your own with very little effort.

TouchGraph Facebook Browser

This Java based application lets you see the connections between your Facebook friends, with emphasis on photos; i.e., you can see which friends have taken photos together.

Facebook Friend Wheel

Friend Wheel is a simple Facebook application that creates a radial graph out of all your Facebook friends.

Project Palantir

This project visualizes all the data Facebook receives, on a global scale. See the Facebook infoverse as it flies around the planet!


This Facebook add-on lets you easily create 3D graphical representations of the connections in your Facebook network. You can also see graphs for other users, fine tune the settings to create various graphs, zoom and pan your graph, and choose between a light and a dark theme.

Mutual Friend Network Visualization

It’s a Flash web application and requires access to your Facebook account, but it opens right there on the author’s site. This creates a graph of mutual friends between you and one of your Facebook friends.

via Mashable

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