Google to Launch Microblog Search


Google Operating System Blog reports that Google will be launching a Microblogging Search Engine Searching many Microblogging networks. This would include Twitter, Jaiku and other less popular networks.

twitter google microblogging search engine jaiku

Micro-blogging services have been attracting a lot of users lately. They are simple with no frills services which are great for both casual blogging as well as for serious purposes like blogging live about an event, concert etc.

While there are some search engines like the twitter search engine and Twingly, but they have their own drawbacks. Twitter search Engine is limited only to twitter and it sorts the tweets by date rather than by relevence. Twingly searches multiple Microblogging services and sorts the results on the basis of relevency. Google’s new search would be integrated with its main search, just like the Google’s blogsearch. This should be out soon, as Google’s Marissa Mayer said that the company would be “interested in offering microblogs results in their search”.

Source: Google Operating System Blog

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