Free Mobile Application to Download FLV files


MobiTubia is a free S60 mobile application to view and download FLV files on your mobile phones. It can view online FLV files via URL, play downloaded flv files on mobile and can download FLV from YouTube on your mobile phones.

download videos from youtube free flv s60 nokia

MobiTubia also supports “Recently Featured” and “Popular Clips” functions of YouTube. Apart from this, you can view video by YouTube ID, search videos and save them on your phone. It has a great user interface and well designed menus. Overall, this is a great piece of freeware and does its job well.

MobiTubia supports the following Nokia phones:
Nokia N80, N93, 6708, N76, 5800 XpressMusic, E60, E71, N85, E63, 5700 XpressMusic, c6110 Navigator, N80i, 3250, E65, c6120 Classic, N91, N77, N818GB, N93i, N92, N96, E61, N73, 6121 Classic, N95, N78, 6650, c6210 Navigator, N79, N95 8GB, E61i, E50, E51, N82, N81, 6220 Classic, 5320 XpressMusic, 6124 Classic, 5500 Sport, E62, E90, N71, 6290, E70, E66, N75

MobiTubia supports the following Sony Erricson phones:


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