Hotmail now offers free POP3 access for everyone


Yes thats right! Hotmail finally decided to roll out POP3 for free. Following its “usually-lagging-behind-Google” policy, Microsoft Live team finally announced that POP3 is now enabled on all accounts.This includes account on, and any other account under windows Live domains service. This means that you can setup hotmail emails on your iPhone, without using any third-party services like Izymail. Also, you’ll be able to check your mail without the slow hotmail interface and can even get your hotmail email on yahoo or google. You don’t have to enable it from hotmail as it is enabled by default. Here are the settings for pop3 and smtp:

  • POP server: (Port 995)
  • POP SSL required? Yes
  • User name: Your Windows Live ID including
  • Password: The password you usually use to sign in to Hotmail or Windows Live
  • SMTP server: (Port 25 or 587)
  • Authentication required? Yes (this matches your POP username and password)
  • TLS/SSL required? Yes

Here is a step by step guide to get hotmail email on your iPhone:

  1. Open up “Mail” on you iPhone and tap “OTHER” in the mail setup.
  2. Enter you account information in the screen.You can also use custom domains which are under Live domains service.Tap Next.

    You may get a warning that pop3 for hotmail is a premium service. Ignore the warning and Tap Next.

  3. In the next screen, setup the information as follows:

    Name: Your Name (Duh??!)
    Address: Your full email address including
    Description: Anything!

    Under Incoming server:

    Username: Your full email address including Make sure your email address and username are exactly same.
    Password: Your Email password.

    Under Outgoing mail server:

    You can leave username and password in this section blank or you may use the settings as above.

  4. Tap Save. Voila!! You can now access hotmail on your iPhone.

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